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My life is able to be summed up in a series of hashtags.

Short, quick and brief. Typically resulting in the confusion of others but loudly proclaiming the truth of the inconsistencies of their actions towards me.

Often times resulting in me crying over a warm and delicious stack of pancakes trying to rationalize their behavior.

In an attempt to understand their misguided and intentional decisions I have come to the conclusion that people can be just plain mean.

That instead of choosing to show love, respect or even the smallest ounce of compassion, they often allow their own insecurities to be projected onto the blank canvas of an unsuspecting heart.

I have spent countless hours over the past year attempting to understand the reasons why this happens and even trying to justify the behavior of others.

All of this done in an attempt to appease them of the guilt that I assume that they feel during those still quite moments of reflection.

However, I realized that those moments, although they may happen, are fleeting and briefly visited without a true moment of consequence or even emotion.

That the stories of such behavior when retold to others is easily justified and pushed aside to the corner of satisfaction, only to be repeated at a later date.

So then I had to ask myself, am I doomed to repeat the cycle of such repulsive behavior due to someone’s inability to be honest with themselves?

The answe is a simple no.

I refuse to be a blank canvas to anyone’s emotional instability, failed ambitions or even the internal struggle to come to terms with whom they have become.

This summer I am choosing to draw a clear and distinct boundary of mutual respect, love and of kindness.

We have arrived at the crossroad were most tough decisions are made and where the choice is solely up to you.

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