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In The Waiting

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The holidays are always full of hustle and bustle.

It can be marked by happiness and cheer for some and sadness and uncomfortable feelings for others.

It is a constant reminder of the things left unsaid, undone, or forever changed by the events that occurred in the days, weeks, and months that came before it.

Often times the ending of the year brings about feelings of frustrations for not being in a different place in our lives emotionally, physically, relationship wise, or any other area that where we are longing for growth.

It can be a reminder of vacancies and gaps in our lives that we had once hoped would be long since filled and a painful reminder that the promises that we hold dear to our hearts have not yet been fulfilled.

It's further exasperated by the painful gap between Christmas and New Year's.

The excitement is building up, the hope and anticipation for good to come is in the air for all to inhale.

Yet, those 7 days move slower than we ever thought time could move.

As we linger in the waiting let me offer you some encouragement.

Waiting is not a punishment.

Waiting is not a wasteland for all dreams to die.

Waiting is not without purpose.

Waiting is a time for growth and development.

Waiting is a purposeful.

Waiting is hard but meaningful.

May this time of waiting be one that you take the time to invest in yourself and your community.

May it be the necessary pruning, renewal, and healing that you need.

May it be the rest, peace, and restarting that you are due in life.

May your heart be mended and strengthen while you wait on the promises that God has spoken over you and your family!

Because our God is faithful!

He is good!

He never fails us!

I hope that this time if waiting and reflection allows for you to be reminded of all that God has brought you through and will continue to do for you!

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