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Redemption Era

I'm currently sitting on a plot of land in Tennessee, one that has a few goats, a donkey, ducks, geese, a miniature horse, a chicken who likes to have their hair blowdried, and a bunch of "regular" chickens.

If you know anything about me then you are probably wondering if I've lost my mind...

The answer is a hesitant and barley above a whisper "no".

A little over a year ago I was driving home from work praying for God to open the door for me to have a new job.

I'm listing my reasons, pleading my heart and my souls desires (I know a lot for a drive home, but a lot can happen in 5min).

Once I had exhausted all that I had to give I continued home in silence.

Moments from pulling into my driveway the Lord very gently yet firmly said "Stay".

Now, me being me, I stopped my car saying outloud "You want me to stay at this spot on my driveway?"

The silence that followed was proof that no, I wasn't supposed to stop at that place. But it was the answer to my prayer.

With a reluctant spirit and stubborn heart I stayed.

Now I can't say that the result of my obedience yielded miraculous and dynamic things because nothing "Wow" happened.

At least not the way that I thought it would.

What unfolded over the course of that time would be community like I never experienced, a more resolved version of myself, and someone that learned to trust and believe in herself again.

God had chosen the place that I experienced so much loss to be the very same place where I would pick up the pieces of my healing.

Although I couldn't see it at the time, obedience turned out to give me the best year of my life.

So yes, me sitting here is out of character for me, but obedience doesn't always look the way we that think it will.

Now, this place I'm currently sitting at, it also has a house full of women who are picking up the pieces of their healing!

(Let me not be too dramatic that you think I'm just sitting in a field surrounded by animals)

This is just part of my answered prayer.

See, what I didn't know and couldn't see is that my next job was being prepared for me.

God was making strategic moves for me to step into the answer to the very prayer that I had uttered on that drive home a year ago.

I'm now embarking on a new journey. One that includes a new job, a new state, a new church, but the same community is coming along.

This is my redemption era, where God is restoring the things that I lost during my season of uncomfortable and sometimes frustrating obedience.

Although the backdrop of me writing this doesn't look like my usual surroundings, I'm so grateful that I was obedient on that drive home.

I want to encourage you, that wherever you are on your faith journey that you would be choosing obedience, because it will never ever let you down!

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