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A Lap Around the Sun

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

This past trip around the sun has been different.

It was a year where fighting for my life wasn’t part of the journey in any capacity.

It was a year where I wasn’t on an emotional roller coaster due to the chaos that life brings on at times.

For the past 365 days I’ve kind of just existed.

Booping around trying to find solid footing with the newness of what life is without the constant battle and fight for survival, both physical and emotional.

I’ve learned several truths along the way.

Some hard fast truths that I will carry on with each and every blossoming chapter that is yet to come.

Some more whimsical and silly but things that I needed to know for the sheer purposes of my own curiosity needing to be satisfied.

Who knew it would take me 34 years to discover that I was a picky eater?

I’ve leaned into the beauty of community and the security that transparency offers when friends meet at the intersection of comfort and peace on a comfortable couch.

I’ve learned that growth is not something that is always seen on a daily basis but something that takes beautiful and small steps of progress every day.

I’ve welcomed the calm of consistency in goals and the joy of celebrating the wins along the way.

I’ve come to understand that healing is a path often not taken because the road is not something that is fun and entertaining.

Oh, but its worth every single stumble along the way!

I’ve spent more time on my therapists couch learning the intricate nature of me and embracing every aspect of what that means.

I found my voice in ways that I didn’t know needed to be discovered but embraced the cracking of every word as it become more confident and true.

One thing that I did not have to learn along the way was the faithfulness of God.

In every season, good, bad, or indifferent the string of faithfulness has been known, felt, and seen in every way.

I’m not sure what the next 365 days will look like but what I can say is that I’m dreaming big dreams of the infinite possibilities of what adventure can and will bring.

With a heart full of hope and eyes clear & full of vision I’m walking into chapter 35 of life excited to see how the next year unfolds and the knowledge that will be obtained along the way.

While also still waiting for my older brother to send me chapstick.

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