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Fragile Soul, Precious Warrior

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Dear Precious Soul,

You have entered Act 3 of this epic journey.

This one, well, I’m going to be honest, is going to be the hardest transition you experience.

You have cried, screamed, and consumed more carbs that a sumo wrestler.

You have heard bad news piled on top of bad news.

You fought yourself to show up each and every day.

You spoke words so gentle you didn’t even know you were capable of.

You sang praises of gratitude to the God who has counted every single tear you shed.

You have barricaded your feelings behind walls of witty one liners and brass expressions.

You have downplayed feelings at times for fear of others not being able to understand them.

You fight battles invisble to others, because to walk a mile in your shoes would be painfully slow strides in Birkenstock’s, socks, and dress pants.

But, baby girl, listen to me as I’m looking into your tear stained face:

This is NOT the end!

This is NOT pointless!

This is NOT without purpose!

This is NOT to punish you for some random sin you have committed as a child!

This is NOT a cross of guilt or shame to carry because of how hard it is becoming!

This is NOT to define you like the “crackhead” people have asked you if you have become!

Precious Warrior, that is exactly what you are!

Your battle is unique to who you are!

Your battle has already been won!

Your battle has developed a story in you that can never be spoken by anyone else, but you!

Your tear stained cheeks are proof of your tenderness.

Your expression of words show your desire for vulnerability.

Your sporadic laughter and shameless smiles echo the kindness of your people!

Your continued tenacity and unrelenting passion are a beautiful thing to see transform!

Because, please remember, Act 4 is the grand finale!

And, the celebration at the final curtain will be far greater than you ever imagine!

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