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Shame, that five letter word carries so much weight and power.

It can be crippling, holding us hostage to a situation, time or even relationship that if we had the power we would walk away from.

Often times we cover up our feelings on these experiences by quoting phrases like:

“Only God can judge me!”


“If you cant take me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best!”

All in hopes that if we push through long enough, then we will no longer create such deep feelings.

But there is a flaw in this method, a huge flaw.

We are not designed to have shame and guilt of past decisions and situations hold us captive from moving forward in life.

We are not created to second guess the future choices that we make.

Because trial and error is the only way that we can truly learn.

I for one have found myself in some situations that I should have never been in.

Relationships that a younger me should have never started.

Words that shouldn’t have been spoken that ultimately were.

None of us are exempt from this.

If you can find someone who is, please let me know because they deserve a holiday dedicated specifically to them.

Let me share with you a little secret-forgiveness is the key to walking away from shame.

We often times so quickly explain away the misguided decisions of our peers.

Telling them to forgive themselves and to offer themselves grace.

Yet, how often do we take our own advice?

Until we have settled into the silence and allowed the anger has subsided.

We will walk this journey fighting an internal war that was never ours to fight.

So, take a deep breath, scream if you must, and release the shame.

Because you my friend have always been free!

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