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The Faith Dance

It's hard to look at faith and truly write out the beauty that it creates.

It's something that can never be grasped but grabs hold of us in a beautiful way.

It ripples through every aspect of who we are leaving us changed and yet the same all in one swoop.

There is no perfect faith walk, and no one alike.

But in the constant comparison of life we can often feel lacking and insecure.

Left sinking in the ambition of keeping up with something we will never obtain.

Faith works inspite of our knowledge of life and the unknown rhythms of change.

Faith works without keeping score of our shortcomings and lack of understanding.

Faith works when our trust has faded and wobbles in the vast differences that make up humanity.

Faith breathes life into what has been lost allowing us to cling tightly to what it holds.

It stands tall in the midst of hardships.

It digs deep into the corner of our souls slowly patching them up and allowing it to bring forth life.

Knitting together a safety net for hope to grow deep in our hearts.

It becomes decorated by peace & joy, bringing sunshine on the cloudiest of days.

Sprinkling love like a refreshing shower cleansing away the doubts and pain that came and stayed.

The most beautiful thing about faith, is that it requires very little from us.

In fact it requires one simple thing....

A yes.

A yes to trying on the hardest of days to move forward.

A yes to believing that the present isn't all that will be.

A yes that we are far more capable than our lack says.

A yes to believing that the tapestry of all things unsaid but beautiful, buried deep in our hearts are placed perfectly to be born at just the right time.

It will never be perfect and that happens to be the most glorious part of the clumsy yet beautiful rhythm that we are privileged to dance to daily, perfections and all.

The dance of faith.

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