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We. Need. You.

As news of another celebrity taking their life overtakes social media, I am overcome with sadness for a person I never knew.

Let the next few words you read be the healing balm you may need.

Hopefully it will provide safety to exhale what you have been holding in.

To the person dealing with big feelings that don't seem to ever end, there is rest for you in community.

To the person struggling to embrace their worth, you have value that is endless.

To the person who feels as though you are too much, the pain of your absence is far greater.

To the person who thinks their past is far too messy & complicated to ever be loved, you are so very wrong.

To the person thinking they never make good choices, the grace of doing the best you could in ever situation is always present.

To the person who is struggling to forgive themselves, allow me to hold space for what you can't do until you find freedom to breathe.

You are loved.

You are valued.

You are needed.

You deserve the world.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve peace.

You deserve community.

May you be encouraged that even on your worst days, you bring value.

We need your love.

We need your smile.

We need your laughter.

We need your jokes and sarcasm.

We need your faith and kindness.


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1 Comment

This passing shows us, again, that while it may look like someone has it all, they still face a struggle. We need to do our best to be kind to each other.

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