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365 Lessons At Sunrise

As I sit and ponder on what has happened in my life during the past year, there was a lot to process.

Some of those moments I will share only with my therapist and my tribe.

But, there are some lessons that can be shared with others regardless of relationship or HIPPA laws.

The past year represented an epic battle waged in the throughs of love, identity, and renewal!

Battles have been lost, and some have been won.

I‘ve looked into the eyes of defeat with the intention to raise my flag of surrender.

Yet, in the blink of an eye everything changed.

I‘ve learned love is not a battle but a marathon. One that requires training. It can have false starts and fast sprints.

I‘ve learned that the journey of caring for oneself is not selfish but truly an act of selflessness.

I‘ve learned that a fork in the road is a moment of choice. One that consist of obedience and bravery or ambition and rebellion.

I‘ve learned that freedom is a daily act of surrender and not a reflection of circumstances.

I’ve learned that pruning is essential to transformation and growth.

I’ve learned that community exists even when we are too blind to see it in action.

I’ve learned that authentic friendship has no limits of loyalty nor bravery.

I’ve learned that love creates peace, wholeness, confidence, and unspeakable joy.

I’ve learned that failures do not make you unqualified but show persistence and dedication to brighter days.

I’ve learned that how others define you is not the definition of self that you should live by.

I’ve learned that tears are cleansing and healing.

I’ve learned that pain is a reminder that beauty exists even when we can’t see it.

That moments overlooked still have meaning, and most often they are the times that should be celebrated the loudest!

I’ve learned that your calling and purpose should never be compromised, for anything, anyone, or any amount!

I have walked through a year that I honestly thought would be end of my optimism, joy, and unrelenting love.

My friends heard me say on countless occasions “This is it, this is how it ends!” and almost always in situations where death was not even remotely close!

They allowed me to live in the land of insignificance, unworthiness, and rejection long enough to snap me out of it in dramatic ways that only I would be able to receive.

They took a sledgehammer to the walls I continuously built until I was too tired to consistently rebuild them.

They planted flowers out of love, patience, and laughter in the ashes and rubble I was tired of sitting in.

They taught me time after time that taking care of myself was not an option but a necessity for my healing.

They were a mirror to the lies, hatred, and self pity I had for myself in a way that showed me truth, love, and victory!

They answered the repetitive questions, phone calls, and obnoxious texts with kindness and gentle humor.

They loved me from my lowest lows, the highest height, and brought me down to appropriate place of peace, love, and freedom!

They celebrated the journey of me dressing like a retired community college athlete to the appropriately confident diva clothed in bright colors, flawless curls, and beautiful handbags.

As I walk into the journey of 365 variously colored sunrises, I’m looking forward to the lessons that will be learned!

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