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A New Calendar

Updated: Jan 21

Language is how we communicate.

Every family system, work culture, and friend group has their own language.

The inside jokes, the sideways glances, and moments of pure vulnerability in the form of laughter and tears all make up a unique language.

The beautiful language of community.

2023 provided a stretching of character and deepening of morals and values that caused me to be firmly secured in who I was.

There was a layering of hope that I clung to tighter than anything I've ever held.

There have been moments that were hot with anger in the delusion that I was stuck and would not be able to move forward.

A lie that took me taking a trip to Tulsa to find the truth that was firmly rooted in my heart.

There was a level of growth in my voice with conviction & purpose that can't be measured.

I was resolute that this would be a year of something, but nothing I could ever put my finger on.

Having never found the right words I've settled on this recap.

Grace flowed abundantly when the impossible standards and achievements were not met.

Forgiveness hung in the air because I'm still mastering my words in moments of frustration (but they are getting kinder).

Community surprisingly showed up unannounced and was steadfast and unrelenting.

Vulnerability became my lifestyle in my relationships with me also ensuring I created spaces where others could be free.

There was a healing of relationships and friendships restored.

There was grief shared at the loss of family members and friends.

It was a year of hard truths, perseverance, and not backing down.

Countless hours spent sitting on my therapists couch processing the disappointment of life and finally acknowledging the trauma of my transplant.

(It only took me a couple of years, but I finally got there. )

I went to sleep on December 31, 2023 with the knowledge that January 1, 2024 would not magically transform into being my year.

It would not make all of the problems, concerns and hard things that need to be done possible.

The ticking of a clock and a new page on the calendar would not make the year more purposeful or powerful.

It would however be just another day where ultimately my choices would reflect the outcome of the year.

So, Im choosing to cling to peace because even moments of stillness have movement.

I'm choosing to be joyful in the simple things because nothing is ever too small to celebrate or embrace.

I'm choosing adventure and having new experiences because life is meant to lived and felt.

I'm choosing to continue loving my people well, through words, being present, and powerful moments of celebration.

Im choosing to be consistent in all things new and old that I step into this year.

But ultimately I'm choosing to give and live in grace to sustain the daily rythms for a balanced life.

Whether you choose challenges, resolutions, mantras or a word for the year my prayer is that you too would give yourself and your community grace to sustain peace, hope, love, and growth for this new year.

Happy New Year friends, let the adventures of January begin.

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