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Beauty and the Beast

We may look fine on the outside, some of us tall and thin,  others short and curvy. We are fashionable,  comedic, spunky but most of all we are brave.

Our struggle can not always be seen, it is not heard and due to that most people think that we don’t struggle at all.

Yet, we understand the importance of living life to the fullest, embracing every moment and we put our faith in a higher power because what we understand better than most,that tomorrow is never promised.

We go long stretches without sleeping or being social. We are cranky, frustrated and sometimes downright confused.

We must be brave for our families,  for our friends and for those that ridicule us because they can not see.

We celebrate ever high point and enjoy when the lows disappear for a while. Yet they always come back,  that is the nature of our beast.

Yet, in the same manner our beast has a certain beauty about it. One that leaves us transformed with every day. A beauty that calls us to live life with a different set of standards.

We take challenges, create rules and rejoice in the simplicity of a day relaxing and enjoying the lives of those around us.

We are those who suffer in silence because to verbalize a beast that doesn’t leave us physically transformed is a waste of words for those who could never visualize nor understand.

We are brave out of necessity, we are fearful out of duty to those who look on, we are strong for those who suffer like us, we are chronic illnesses!

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