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Freedom comes in many forms.

The spiritual sense, physical and it also comes in the emotional and or mental.

Sometimes it comes from taking a look at the wounds from the past to realize it’s time to tackle them head first.

Taking the moment to speak the hard honest truths.

Not only to ourselves but also to those who are in our lives.

Breathing deep to allow for true vulnerability and openness.

What is life if we are constantly guarded?

If we are constantly barricading our hearts as a defense mechanism.

Building walls brick by brick so high that those that we surround ourselves with don’t even get the chance to know the real us.

They wouldn't be able to carefully illustrate the story of our life.

At times knowing no more than the person riding next to us on the subway or bus.

Sadly sometimes even the person sitting across from us at the dinner table has not even a glimpse into our hearts.

I encourage you to find freedom by being vulnerable.

Find freedom in your true self.

I hope that you know, above all else someone will always rise up to walk this journey of life with you.

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