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Griefs Song

There is an untold song that sings of our grief.

The melody of each song is different, never to have been known before and never sung again.

It’s unique to our own circumstances.

Our loses, broken hearts, and the hard of life.

We wrestle often with how to write the first note or utter the first word.

A majority of the time it seeps out in how we withdraw from the crowds.

The silence that slowly steals our voices among friends and in our safe spaces.

The smile that fades and very rarely makes an appearance as it once did.

The song has a way of creating doubt that good things ever happened.

That happiness should be something we experience again.

And that’s the single lie that pain tells us.

It tries to burrow itself deep into our souls, hoping to prevent our song from being sung because then it has power.

Power to holds us captive.

Because, misery loves company.

But, what happens when we work hard to sing our song.

To find a space that allows our hearts to break free.

To find a way to fight against the bitterness.

To find joy in the little things and grace in the freedom.

No one is exempt from grief.

I hope that you find someone willing to listen to your song.

To hold space for your pain and grief.

To speak truth to the lies with love and kindness.

To sit in silence with you, offering gentleness and a pure heart while you dissect the ins and outs of life.

To wrestle with the tension that grief may linger for some time but love will always welcome you and it.

Because love shows up in the midst of.

It fights for you even when you don’t have the energy to do so yourself.

May you write the words to your grief, embrace the messy, hard, and painful of all it holds.

Love sits in the nearest seat to catch every false start, insecure move, and hesitant word.

Because once you release it, freedom has room to hold you tight and set you free.

Love always shows up, no matter the song being sung.

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