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Mirror, Mirror

When she looks in the mirror she sees a mosaic of words. Words that reflect the feelings and reactions of those around her.

When the sun shines the ones that glisten the brightest are the ones that loudly scream her insecurities.

Her lowest of lows, her worst decisions and ultimately her biggest regrets.

Those ugly, angry and hurtful descriptive words make up the biggest pieces of her identity.

They haunt her dreams and scream the loudest when she takes a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

They tell her she will never be more than she is in the present.

She doesn’t know true kindness or love because with every question, favor or helping hand there is an ulterior motive.

Someone who is only present because they want something in return.

Something bigger, better and louder than what was offered.

She longs to be seen for what makes up her true identity.

The smaller pieces of the mosaic.

She yearns to be discovered and seen by a pure heart and soul.

She wants to be put first and not always be an afterthought.

One day she learns that she has the POWER to tear down the images that have for so long been used to describe her.

To describe herself by what is true, honest and right. By the words that reflect her heart and nature and love for others.

To replace the larger pieces with the virtues and vision that God has given for her. Because by His love she has been restored.

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