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Rebooting to Settle

About a week ago during a weekend hanging out my with parents my mom got a little too excited about a spoon.

Yes, you read that correctly, a spoon.

She starts telling me how she ordered this spoon from Etsy that was engraved with a fun phrase.

She then asked me if I wanted one-paused for a second and said

“Brittney, you don’t eat ice cream or drink hot things. Your life has no purpose for a spoon!”

I instantly started laughing-that deep belly, body bending over type of laugh.

I started sharing with her all of the foods I do eat that would require a spoon.

None of them met her standards, at which she told me to stop buying spoons!

We carried on with our activities for the day and spoons were never mentioned again.

Now this exchange took place during the start of a season of my life that has provided very few laughs thus far. Later on that evening I was curling up on the couch trying to get settled and comfortable to binge watch a show.

After a few moments I finally found that sweet spot, right between uncomfortable to others, yet welcoming to me.

It dawned on me that this is very much what receiving healing looks and feels like.

Often times we find ourselves in situations where we need a fresh start or a reboot in our lives.

Whether it is due to circumstances of our own making or situations that others place us in-reboots and fresh starts are required.

That process looks different for everyone.

For me, the process of rebooting is rather unique.

I often pull all the way back from my friends and my core group of people for a couple of days to sit with the weight of my current situation.

Then I overshare-sharing every thought, feeling, every potential solution and possible failure all at one time.

At some point after the explosion of feelings and words I start to settle down.

Settle down to accept where I currently am-emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Settle down to focus on solutions and not potential holes for me to fall through.

Settle down to allow calm to move in.

Settle down to grow, learn, and forgive.

But ultimately, I settle down to embrace the sweet smell and warmth of healing, so that I can move forward courageously.

To some, like this spoon, it may appear that someone in your life has no need for a reboot.

Or you may not recognize that they are in the midst of settling down.

We craft our lives to display beautifully curated photos and videos to mirror perfection.

Yet, just because the imagery is beautiful and orchestrated holds very little weight to current state of our lives.

So I encourage you to create a space for others.

To walk through the uncomfortable yet welcoming spaces in their lives with them.

A space, that regardless of the magnitude and severity of their pain, it is seen, it is heard, and they are validated.

But more importantly, I encourage you to create a place to embrace the sweet smell and warmth of healing.

Whether it be for you or for others, we all have a moment in life that requires healing, a reboot, and a time to settle.

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