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Speechless Reflection

2020 was a year that took it out of all of us in some way or another.

For me it was the ending of a relationship, being placed on a liver transplant list, on top of various other “life” things.

Almsot exactly a year ago, I remember sitting on my living room couch and deciding to write my prayer for what I was believing God for in 2021.

As we prepare to head into a season where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and ring in a new year with joy and expectation, I decided to read what I penned a year ago.

I humbly wrote down 2 things I was believing for that would require a true and mighty act of God, a new liver and to heal from the emotional pain of my divorce.

I had no thoughts, feelings, or clue how those things would happen, but I wrote them down trusting a God who was bigger than my wildest imagination.

As we wrap up this year, I decided to spend some time in reflection and tracing the sovereign hand of my Creator through every step of this past year.

I’m in true awe at the orchestrated paths I crossed with some amazing women on a mountain top, where He moved in my life in ways that are indescribable!

I‘m left speechless at the manner in which my life went from hanging in the balance until He stepped in and rebuilt me from the inside out!

(Both spiritually and physically!)

I’m looking at miracles that have transpired in not only my life but the lives of those all around me!

You see, one thing I realized during this past year is that I had boxed my blessings in to looking and feeling a certain way.

I had become blind to the miracles that were happening all around me, and unable to see that despite my feelings on a daily and weekly basis He was still moving.

Although my inner child is ready to shower my family and friends with gifts, I have already received my gift.

The gift of redemption for my once jaded heart!

The gift of new life, literally!

The gift of true and authentic community!

The gift of trust, love, and acceptance!

The gift of new sight!

But ultimately, the gift of miracles on a daily basis that transformed my relationship with my Creator!

As the year wraps up, I hope you have a moment to celebrate the miracles that have taken place in your life and the lives of those around you!

Miracles bring hope.

Hope that speaks to our tired and weary hearts, that despite how terrible, surprising, or unexpected this season of life has been, God is still moving every single day!

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