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The Ladder of Hope

I will be first to admit that ladders creep me out!

I’m sure it has something to do with how clumsy I am. The very idea that one misstep could have me sliding through the gap between each step always has me freezing in fear.

However, emotional ladders are something that I have become a bit of an expert at learning how to navigate. Surprisingly, without me dramatically falling to the very bottom, just to start all over again.

Have you ever had a moment in life that completely upends the confidence that you have both in yourself and in others?

A moment where the relationships and the people you had to come to depend on were suddenly nowhere to be found?

A time where you have hit rock bottom and as you are looking around you begin to notice that its an incredibly lonely place to be?

As you spend time clamoring to climb up out of the never ending hole of despair, you hear the common cliqches “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger!” or “God will not give you more than you can handle!”

None of which provide a ladder or rope for you to begin emerging victorious.

In fact it does the complete opposite. It sends you spiraling deeper than you ever thought possible.

Let me be the first to tell you, we have all been there!

So with the strength of a mighty army of conquers hear us when we say “You Can Do This!”

You are not defined by the tears you have cried in the silence, or the angry words you have shouted in the darkness.

In fact it is those very things that begin to build the ladder step by step for you to reach the sunlight.

Who says that victory means putting on a brave face and suffering in solitude and silence?

The strength and courage needed to emerge from a struggle victoriously is in telling someone you’re hurting, its letting the tears freely fall, embracing the silence knowing that the person holding you will be there to encourage and support.

There is power in having a bad day and knowing it’s ok.

There is courage with being in touch with your feelings and emotions and recognizing that it is ok to feel all of the emotions at once! Because there is no right or wrong way to embrace the wave of emotions during a setback or obstacle.

It is OK for life to fall apart for a moment having faith that God will put the pieces back together..because He always does!!

It is in this type of vulnerability and honesty that strength is seen as the most powerful.

So be encouraged, that as you continue or begin from ground zero to build your ladder of hope, that it is ok to ask someone to hold on for support.

The sun will begin to shine again with every step you take, eventually illuminating the way to the freedom that awaits on the other side!

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