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For the past few weeks as, the day of going live with The Marie Grace Life approached I was unsure what my initial post would say.

I started, stopped, wrote and deleted several options because nothing said exactly what I wanted to convey.

I was torn between that is too much information or that is probably an unnecessary amount of detail that is leading nowhere.

I would be lying if i said that my struggle to come up with an initial post did not create a small window of doubt, and most importantly the question, “Am I really going to do this?”

Over the past few years I have really been committed to blogging and sharing my experiences with those who are close to me.

It has been a way for me to truly process and share the complexities of my feelings, thoughts or opinions on a variety of issues, but mostly just my challenges with stepping into adulthood.

Last week, I had a very honest conversation with one my best friends regarding flaws, and why I was so passionate about discussing them.

Her question took me by surprise at first, and I sent a cheeky gif and decided to spend some time thinking of her question-because in that moment I did not have an answer.

During my time of reflection, while simultaneously scrolling through my Instagram feed, I realized where this passion or desire to discuss flaws came from.

I wanted to talk about the things that people often reserve for the sacred walls of their therapists office or their tight knit circle of friends.

And thus, the words started to flow, and I was able to finally articulate where this was passion or desire was birthed.

Several years ago, a former college friend mentioned to me casually, that she did not think that I understood how hard life could be.

I paused, and asked her where that came from?

She went on to share that everything she sees about my life on social media seems as though life is perfect.

Little did she know the inner turmoil that I was dealing with. Confronting personal demons, battling insecurities and trying to figure out what life post-college meant for me.

In that moment, I decided to delete my Facebook account and take a hiatus from all other social media platforms. I was not comfortable with the idea that people thought that my life was perfect-because friend-if you only knew!

That was around the time that I started blogging with a broader scope and unlocking my private blog and sharing my experiences emerging into adulthood, marriage and a professional woman-who didn’t have anything figured out.

Well, nothing outside of my love for all the carbs!!!

However you may have stumbled upon The Marie Grace Lfie, I hope that you find comfort in the vulnerability and honesty in which I share my life.

Although not all of what I share will be relevant to each reader, I do believe that honesty in the purest sense can be liberating.

Even if you laugh at my antics and or think to yourself “Wow, I would never have handled that in that manner!” I’m here to give it to you unfiltered and real.

It’s honestly the only way I know to live and communicate.

So welcome, and thank you for joining me on this journey!

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