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Welcome To Our Life

As children we shared everything with you. We laughed, we cried, you knew everything that transpired at every single moment of time.

As adults we shared less, laughed less and cried behind closed doors.

We fought our demons with the help of our inner circle and our Creator.

We made our choices based off of our gut feelings and handled the good with the bad and kept on living.

We made mistakes where Grace has been given freely and even licked our wounds in private when life was forcefully unforgiving.

The entire dynamic of our relationship has changed. More or less due to the evolution that we have taken to becoming the truest version of ourselves.

We’re exploring the world around us, taking leaps of faith, fighting our fears and staring our demons in the face to declare them dead.

We will continue to love unconditionally, cherish the memories and hold on to the values that we have learned along the way.

However, now it’s time for us to welcome you to our life, because after all you welcomed us into yours so many years ago.

So parents, thank you!

Thank you for all of the sacrifices, sleepless nights, and ridiculous expectations.

Thank you for the lectures, analogies that never made sense, and for the endless battles of words.

Although at times we were angry, resentful, and unforgiving-it now all makes sense.

As adults looking back at the long road to the past, you did the best that you knew to do.

Hindsight creates clarity, and with clarity comes appreciation.

Appreciation that the punishment could have been worse, the arguments louder, and the words unrelenting in their assault.

Regardless of how much we would like to erase it the evidence is crystal clear.

You were simply on a journey as we currently are to understanding and figuring out the beautiful tapestry called life.

As my mom always said:

“We will never be children together, but we will be adults together. So remember right now I am not your friend, but if you survive these teenager years imagine the memories and the stories we will have!”

So goodbye kids table, we are trading you in for the uncomfortable plastic covered chairs-but this time-dessert can be for breakfast!

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