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Bold Prayers

Prayer, it's such a tricky topic to discuss among christians.

With each person having a unique and special way in which they not only speak to God but also in how they hear the voice of God.

Which is one of the beautiful things about having a relationship with Christ.

There is no carbon copy of relationship dynamics that exist.

Everyone has the opportunity to determine what their relationship will look like on their own.

There is no right or wrong way to develop a relationship and no specific way in which that relationship must be maintained.

However, what we can all agree with is that communication is key to any and all relationships.

My approach tends to be more casual in nature.

My prayer time is spent as if I'm enjoying a leisurely walk with a close friend in a space that is only reserved for me.

Often times rambling on for some time before realizing that I never created the chance for stillness to exist so that communication can actually take place.

In those moments of silence and stillness the beautiful and intricate heart work begins to take place.

Transforming not only my life on a larger scale but also my day on a smaller platform.

During a conversation with a friend towards the close of 2020 we begin to dream of what we were hoping would happen in 2021.

Love, promotions, healing, restoration, clear direction, but ultimately growth.

From that conversation my prayer time at the start of each day became simply:

"Allow me not to leave this season of life the same way that I entered it!"

With such a simple request the manner in which my life begin to move was dynamic.

Although there are still moments in which I talking non-stop at my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on how certain situations should unfold.

Ultimately, I trust that each experience, opportunity, and moment is one that is curated specifically for me.

Although they may not all be pleasant and if I had to choose for myself, I probably would have made some different decisions.

However, it is also a beautiful thing that I am not in control 100% of the time, because that in and of itself would be nothing but disastrous.

I pray that as this year begins to unfold that your prayers would be bold.

That you would use the moments of stillness to figure out your exact form of communication with your Creator, in a way that only you can!

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