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Dear Friend...

Dear Friend,

For the past day I have been trying to understand and grasp the perfect way to share the contents of my heart.

I started and deleted numerous texts, Facebook statues, and even Instagram notes.

Nothing seemed right, and then I realized that a text would not appropriately do justice to what I wanted to say, so I decided to write a letter instead.

During the past two weeks my life has been turned upside down.

What I thought I knew, trusted, and could rely on was ripped from under me and I sat in shock with the weight of my new reality.

I struggled to find the words to express my pain, frustration, and uncertainty as to what to do next.

Then you stepped in...

You hugged, comforted, spoke life, reaffirmed, and even sat in silence with me.

You prayed with me, you listened, you challenged, and let me wander down the rabbit hole until I seemed to lose a grip at which you pulled me back to reality.

You told me to slow down, to reflect, and to grieve.

You checked in on me, called, texted, and sent meme’s to provide a light in the darkest moment of my life.

You gave me hope, encouraged me to dream, and helped me to be vulnerable.

You showed up and as I sat to think, yell, and even scream you listened without judgement.

You have been a constant and unwavering support as I work to move through this current curveball that life has thrown my way.

So, with the deepest gratitude that I can find, with all the love that I have to express and with these inadequate words, I say thank you!

Thank you for creating a space for me at the table to work through my grief.

Thank you for giving me hope, making me laugh, and for ultimately helping me to dream, love, and see again.

My heart will forever be marked by the amazing nature of the tribe that I do life with.

So, as I am on the road to healing, unsure of what that will look, feel, and show itself to be, I graciously accept the strength and truth you have loaned me in the absence of my own.

I promise to hold on to it with pride and love, and to be gentle in how I handle it.

So that when my bucket is full, I can return what you so selflessly loaned to me during my time of need.

Knowing in my heart of hearts that with you by my side, the future will be ok, and that I will truly be ok.

Thank you for being my friend, my confidantes, and for holding me accountable.

But most importantly, thank you for loving me when I felt as though that was the last thing that I was worthy of and for helping me see my own worth as I prepare to move through this hurdle.

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