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Let’s Wander Together

Lately if you would ask me to describe my current season I would use two words.

Forgotten & wandering.

Both words are fairly new to being used in this context with my life, however let me take some time to explain.

I personally don't feel forgotten, I have amazing people laughing with me at the foolishness that is life until 2am or later.

Friends championing my passions and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone in so many different ways.

And countless other moments that bring joy and ridiculously happy smiles to my face.

However, I have personally forgotten the dreams that I once held so tightly too.

The dreams that were placed in my heart since a child of doing outrageously bold and beautiful things for my yet to be known Community.

The passions of purpose and clear direction that were momentarily derailed by the chaos of life.

I've forgotten to pause to celebrate the wins, to bask in the beauty of the present, and embrace the serenity of the consistent rhythm of the daily.

I've been wandering in the protection of my current season.

Questioning on a daily basis if it was purpose or just lack of desire.

Wandering and wondering aimlessly asking myself when did I become stagnant and direction less.

As the season of Lent is upon us I'm challenged to take this time to remove distractions and intentionally reconnecting with my purpose, passions, and calling.

So much of the past few months I have intentionally paused to reflect and refocus.

To heal and take time to simply breathe again.

Now, that I've caught my breath it's time to refocus and reconnect.

During the next 40 days I'm setting aside my feelings on what life should have been and replacing it with hopeful dreams of what will be.

Wandering towards peace.

Wandering towards purpose.

Wandering towards the bold and beautiful life I know is waiting to be created.

One faithfilled step at a time.

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