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On The Other Side


That word alone holds meanings too numerous to count.

Often times we hear that word and think, a fix to a problem that could leave a person or a place drastically changed.

We see the glamorous photos of the before and after.

We hear the perfectly curated and polished conversations and talking points that come with it.

However, what we don’t always see is the work that comes after.

The work to sustain your faith after having your God single you out in the most personal and beautiful way ever to change your circumstances.

The work to not become complacent in the regular rhythm of every day life that accompanies you on the other side.

The work to not get tired with sharing the beauty of your story and the weaving of others on their continued journey to healing.

The work to be courageous to live life, boldly and without inhibitions.

The work to remain persistent in love and support for those in your community.

If I have learned nothing else during the past 9 months is that miracles and work go hand in hand.

Miracles do not mean easy.

Miracles do not mean favor.

Miracles do not mean an in-balance of love for one over another.

Miracles do not equate to success.

Miracles breed tenacity, pride, humility, gratitude, and courage.

Miracles are a comma in the beautiful story you have been created to tell.

I encourage you celebrate your miracles.

But, I also encourage you to give yourself grace for the work comes along on the other side!

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