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It’s hard to describe the feeling it brings.

More importantly it’s even harder to describe the feeling it leaves.

It comes in waves, some gentle and small and others all consuming that it leaves you gasping for air.

It’s a reminder of what is

But, mostly it makes it hard to grab what is left standing in its wake.

It is inflicted unknowingly by the character of life.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is wielded like a double edged sword straight to the heart.

It brings about a gut wrenching cry in the stillness of the night.

Or, a silence that screams louder than a toddler throwing a tantrum during prayer at the conclusion of church.

It leaves scars, uncertainty, and rips the confidence and security once had, right out from underneath your feet. Then one day, you wake up tired.

Tired of the unknown that is accompanied by running from what grips you like a thief in the night.

So without a second thought you pivot and make a decision.

You decide to lean in.

Lean in to the all consuming feelings that wash over you.

Lean in to all of the words left unsaid that are bursting at the seams.

Lean in to the freedom that is on the other side of the shrubs filled with thorns.

Lean in to healing that is waiting for you with open arms.

The warm, sweet embrace of knowing that pain does not get to be the deciding factor of the future.

Pain does not have the final say of where we end up.

Because being able to feel the pain means you haven’t given up.

That you are still fighting for the life you want.

Fighting for the life you deserve.

Fighting for the life you ultimately were created to have. Although it’s never welcomed or cherished, pain serves as a reminder that our purpose is far greater than even we know.

Keep your head up, darling reader, your future is bright and healing is on the side of this painful hiccup in your journey!

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