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Pull Up A Chair

I am a huge fan of therapy.

Partially because I am the self-proclaimed middle child in a family of 6-and although numbers aren’t my strong suit-I do know that the number 6 splits evenly.

Having grown up in what I would call a large family I begin to realize that theatrics and storytelling was a way to grab the attention from the athletes, artist and intellectuals seated at the table.

I love a good story and if I’m being 100% honest I love any type of story.

I get sucked into the highs and lows that one experiences. The expressions and unspoken language that reveals something deeper than what is often being shared on the surface.

As I have learned to craft my own storytelling style I have realized as of late why hearing the stories of others is so vital to who I am.

Often times we are pushed into a narrative that we often don’t want for ourselves.

I personally have been a victim of allowing others to craft my narrative-often times with less than desired results and outcomes.

As I begin my journey into the world of mental health and therapy I was largely focused on how to capture and regain the voice that I used with such reckless abandon as a child that had slowly slipped away.

I was pushed and challenged to not take a backseat to the story of my life-because after all it was mine and mine alone.

Oddly enough as someone who loves to both weave and listen to a carefully weaved story this is something that has come as a hurdle for me.

It’s not often times that I have very little to no words to say on any topic that comes my way but when it comes to sharing about me it’s a different thing all together.

As I have learned to embrace the blemishes and subtle bright spots of life I’m learning to acknowledge all aspects of life both good and unpleasant.

So, with that being said-life is currently very unpredictable.

Hanging in the balance of uncertainty waiting for a team of doctors to decide the course of the next few months and years of my life is both frustrating and a ginormous leap of faith.

But, I will say this, with as much courage and strength that I can muster at the moment.

Being in the unknown is both scary and exciting.

Because as the story is unraveling I can speak my truth and share it in the manner that best suits me.

I have awkwardly stumbled into the third and glorious act of life.

And I must warn you to prepare for an adventure of epic proportions because as you watch from the sidelines I’m writing the lines as I go.

Mostly from the comfortable every changing couch of my therapist.

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