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The Virgin In Pew Two

We teach our girls how to become young ladies.

To sit with their legs crossed, to have standards, to respect themselves and to know their value.

We tell them the importance of holding on to their purity, what it truly means to be a woman of virtue and value, often times quoting Proverbs 31.

However, very few times do we equip them with the skills needed to stand firm in the midst of temptation and what that temptation looks like.

That watching certain movies, listening to some types of music and reading erotic books slowly chips away at their innocence creating a bigger divide between them and the purity that was once so precious.

The importance of holding onto their purity slowly becomes a myth in a society and culture where instant gratification is what is taught at a very early age.

Even worse we don’t prepare them for the sting of the rejection that sometimes is accompanied with deciding to wait until a man of honorable character and pure intentions presents himself.

If by chance they happen to not wait they are ridiculed, disgraced and shamed as if their life is over.

The grace and mercy that was once said to have extended to every area of their lives, doesn’t reach that corner.

If you happened to have chosen not to wait, then that grace, mercy and forgiveness that has always been talked about still continues to be applicable to your life.

You have NOT lost your value or worth. You are still just as precious as those who continue to wait.

So in case no one has told you ( the precious young lady/woman reading this post) in the last 24 hours, week, month, or year- you are worth the pursuit and the wait.

You are a beautiful, amazing, and dynamic soul.

Someone who is worth the time, effort, and energy that is put into the world.

You are worth the loud, extravagant, and dynamic displays of affection and declarations of love that can be offered.

You are not tainted, damaged, or less than those who have made different choices than you.

You do not deserve the judgement, criticism, and ridicule that is hurled in your direction.

So shrug off those hurtful words and uncomfortable stares.

Build yourself a shield of empowering, beautiful, and words of strong character.

In a world full of pain, you deserve a safe place to be free in who you are, flaws and all!

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